This dramatic comedy features an amazing cast of local artists, producers & writers. The inspirational human tale of “Temptations 2: Love & War”, fast forwards two years in the lives of the Johnson Family, centering on the celebration of the family’s matriarch, Big Momma’s (Pearlie Mae) 60th Birthday Dinner. However, the family has been estranged, due to their traditional Sunday dinners being replaced with busy schedules and personal agendas. In efforts to restoring their family tradition, Big Momma plans on sharing her new love interest, Carl Robinson, with hopes that he is the key in linking the family back together. Unfortunately, Carl’s existence was discovered prematurely by her sons, and in return, triggered unplaced emotions of betrayal from childhood, causing the family to spiral out of control. This play deals with the battles of the heart and the consequences of bearing the weight of hidden dark secrets. The story line depicts how love covers a multitude of sins, and focuses on how healing, forgiveness, and unconditional love should be shown to anyone, especially those who often hurts us most- family. Temptations are not always about the obvious and Love as well as War are often used as an excuse to break the rules and or inflict pain on others. It’s a long, hard road to redemption, and the family’s final decision will either bring out the best or worst in them. Get ready to enjoy a cultural arts experience infused with acting, poetry, and singing in the brilliantly and thought provoking stage play that will motivate families to deal with issues that have been swept under their rugs for far too long. “Temptations: Love & War” will convince you to open up your hearts, desire to be completely, healed, and stir up the power of forgiveness. This intense, powerful, and plot twisty stage play is sure to take you through an array of emotions, by making you angry, laugh, cry and without end blow your mind.


Temptations 2 Love and War

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Tickets--Page-PhotoThis is a show you do not want to miss!!!!!


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