Every family has its secrets and every secrets has its scandal. Meet Pearlie Mae Johnson also known as “Big Momma” and her troublesome family known as “The Johnson Family”. Many have allowed the temptations of life to control and dictate their behavior, and some are on the path of destruction. As the matriarch, Big Momma hopes that they all would one day come to the full understanding of her spiritual words of wisdom. Temptations are not always about the obvious, but if not dealt with correctly can destroy lives. Often times the doors we open to temptations not only impact our lives, but the people around us. Temptations the stage play, and web series is a brand for the true bond of family and a form of art. No matter what temptations a person faces or the repercussions to falling to those temptations, the bond of family will overcome all. This epic human tale of temptation, forgiveness and love only found in family is contagiously expanding. Temptations overall plan, purpose and vision is to transform life stories of confessions, experiences, diaries and memoirs of the Johnson Family on stage and film.

The cast, and productions team of Temptations is a composition of diverse talent including local actors, artists, filmmakers and writers. Temptations is a No Limits Creation, Inc. (nonprofit Writing & Productions Company) and Richardson Productions (multimedia production company) project. Each person involved in the cast and production has volunteered their gifts, talents, and time into fusing art and culture into one beautiful masterpiece without pay. This amazing team has consistently worked in extreme conditions and long hours with limited resources to produce a great performance on stage and film. The fans of Temptations and local community are begging for more live stage performances and web series. So far, all of the actors and production team members have committed to taking no pay in order to keep the budget tight and get the project off the ground. There are 18 actors and 7 production team members on this project and it is our desire to give them a stipend for their hard work. This venture has been a true labor of love for me, the cast and my business partner. But now we need your help to pull it off.

Every dollar we raise will go directly to enhancing the Temptations brand and production. For starters we would like to produce three more web series, part two of the stage play and begin a national tour. Every single contribution (no matter the size) will make a tangible difference to the many shows and web series to come. In addition, some of the proceeds will go to a local charity. We hugely appreciate your support.

Here’s what we need your support for:

New camera and sound equipment
Film Festival Fees
Production expenses not limited to (set building/designing, lighting, costumes, props and materials)
Set Locations Venue
Stage Play Venue
Rehearsal Venue
Performers Stipends
Productions Team Stipends
Traveling Expenses
Moving Expenses

We want to bring as many people on this journey as we can and we would like to invite you in on the process. We need your support in making this vision a reality. You can begin by clicking donate or sponsor now button. Sponsorship opportunities are offered with attractive benefits, so don’t delay. Get tempted today and help us expand.

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