Every family has its secrets and every secrets has its scandal. Meet Pearlie Mae Johnson also known as “Big Momma” and her troublesome family known as “The Johnson Family”. Many have allowed the temptations of life to control and dictate their behavior, and some are on the path of destruction. As the matriarch, Big Momma hopes that they all would one day come to the full understanding of her spiritual words of wisdom. Temptations are not always about the obvious, but if not dealt with correctly can destroy lives. Often times the doors we open to temptations not only impact our lives, but the people around us. Temptations the stage play, and web series is a brand for the true bond of family and a form of art. No matter what temptations a person faces or the repercussions to falling to those temptations, the bond of family will overcome all. This epic human tale of temptation, forgiveness and love only found in family is contagiously expanding. Temptations overall plan, purpose and vision is to transform life stories of confessions, experiences, diaries and memoirs of the Johnson Family on stage and film.



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auditions sign

We are back, and we are looking for new faces to be a part of the show.  If you are interested, click the auditions picture or go the the auditions page for more information.  See You Soon!!!!!!!!!!!

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13,290 total views, 61 views today